12TH AUGUST 2020

By Ashley Valli

There are no shortcuts to chasing better health and fitness — but the results are quicker than you think when you begin to commit to smarter eating. A lot of the time, people either expect results instantaneously or not for several weeks — that you have to knuckle down for the long winter. However, just because you don’t notice the changes on the outside doesn’t mean changes aren’t already starting from within. The real focus here is on earning the end goal, not cheat-coding your way to success without the real hard work. And hard work pays off, even after just one week of improving your diet, with your physical and mental health improving along the way.


That skip in your step comes from somewhere! By focusing in on the macronutrients carbohydrates, protein and fat and ensuring you consume the right amount of each, as well as keeping your sugar levels in check with your fats, your body will respond almost immediately to being fed exactly what it needs. You will feel the difference. You will feel perkier, with more energy to see you through the whole day (no more 4:30-itis). All it takes is just the right nutrients!


As you start a cleaner diet, you may notice your moods increasingly stabilising. It’s all about the “fuel” you put into your body to feed your brain. There are numerous studies showing certain nutrients help to improve brain function —such as with vitamin B12 and omega-3. By keeping the engine running on the right fuel, you will notice less ups and downs throughout the day and, instead, a more happy middle.


You know what feels good? Finding a goal and sticking to it. Even the small moments should be celebrated — including sticking to your health goals for one week. Healthy eating can be hard, so give props to yourself! Being able to set your mind to something and pursue it is an achievement. It’s still action and your mentally stronger body is better for it!


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Ever feel full, but like you’re still kind of hungry for something else? That’s that lack of satisfaction kicking in. By eating a diet balanced with carbs, protein and fat, you will find more satisfaction after eating. With Pro Fuel Meals in particular, we provide nutritious meals catered towards ensuring you can get and track the right macronutrients in your diet. Almost immediately, you will leave no meal feeling like you’ve been deprived.


Alcohol as well as a diet poor in the right nutrients can interfere with your sleep. With the right diet, you can provide the nutrients your brain actually needs to produce the right chemical environment needed for you to get that good night’s rest. And with a good night’s rest, you have more energy for the next day. You might not even realise how much your ability to commit to a balanced diet can be affected by sleep. When you lack a good night’s rest, research shows you are more inclined towards foods of a higher calorie/fat/sugar level. It goes full circle: when you eat better, you sleep better — and when you sleep better, you eat better. The key is ultimately making habits and keeping them.


The benefits only get bigger the longer you commit. Instant gratification is never as good as the long-term payoff, so why not see yourself through to the next step? Begin your health journey today and commit to a smarter way of balanced living. Whether you want to gain weight, lose weight, or just maintain weight, Pro Fuel is here to support you and your journey to better health and nutrition!


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