1st NOVEMBER 2020

By Ashley Valli

Your time, money, and lifestyle are important. You should always consider your current situation as well as what you hold most important to you when trying to plan out the best way to achieve your personal health goals. There are so many factors that go into making these kind of decisions —mouths to feed? Businesses to run? Particular tastes to satisfy? At Pro Fuel, we encourage you to make the right decision for you when deciding between our pre-made meals and your average grocery shop. Let’s have a look at where the dust settles: 


Food wastage is costing Australia almost $20 billion every year, accounting for over 5% of our greenhouse gas emissions. With the rising threat of global warming, it is increasingly important we understand how much waste we are creating rather than consuming. Think what one person does shouldn’t really make much of a difference? — think again! For just one person, almost 300kg of food goes to waste each year. With Pro Fuel meals we’ve made sure you have your portion sizes already worked out for you! When you receive your meals, there is no need to calculate how much your body requires between carbs, fats, and proteins, and etc. — we’ve already figured it out. Particularly when trying to learn new recipes (as many people trying to commit to healthier meals do), there is a lot of spend and wastage that goes into sourcing and planning nutritious meals.

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The major goal of most supermarkets is to ensure you buy as much as possible before leaving. According to a review sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average single person under the age of 35 spends $122 a week on food and drinks, with couples averaging $239. If you go to the markets and make your own food (and genuinely enjoy it), then, sure, the cost is in sync with the desired outcome. But there are plenty of scenarios in our lives that find ready-made meals a much more cost-efficient strategy for healthy and nutritious eating. How often have you walked into the shops planning to get one thing but coming out with several more? Think about those “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” sales and the numerous amounts of advertising smacking you in the face before even reaching the first aisle. Think about the chocolate bars on special at the checkouts. Their focus is not on health, but on what sells.

At Pro Fuel, 10 meals would come at a price of just $77.80, leaving some fun for the weekend and with no leftovers to waste. Speaking technically, grocery shopping is cheaper than pre-made meals — but that does not take into account the amount of wastage during meal prep compared between the two. It’s all about what’s worthwhile to you.


Hours of cooking vs. less than 3 minutes for a pre-made meal — what’s your time worth? Not everyone has the luxury of time but, with Pro Fuel Meals, you do have the luxury of a smart decision. Those who do not want to cut the spare time they have into grocery shopping and cooking healthy meals would be perfect for pre-made healthy meals. Pro Fuel Meals makes being healthy so much more simple. Think about the amount of times you’ve opted for takeout because time shortage and hunger have gotten in the way of your self-control. The only effort our meals would take would be the few minutes between taking it out of the fridge and bringing it out of the microwave hot and ready to serve.


If you’re unsure of how to balance your meals or how much calories you should be consuming per day according to your training goals, pre-made meals from Pro Fuel work fantastic for ensuring you are getting in the right nutrition per your personal body goals. Particularly, if you are not too keen on your cooking skills, Pro Fuel handles this for you, and ensures taste along with nutrition with every meal. Some of our top-selling items like our lean beef meat balls with roasted sweet potatoes would normally be completely out of reach for beginners to prepare themselves, but Pro Fuel makes it possible for those with lower-level cooking skills to get on-board with healthier eating without making quality of taste a last minute thought.

Think Pro Fuel Meals might be the wiser choice for you? Try something new and grab yourself a customisable meal pack today! Our meal packs can be ordered in numbers anywhere between 5 to 48 meals, all decided by you.




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