Low Calorie/ weight loss
Designed for those who don't have time to calculate their macros. Know what you're eating with these delicious chef designed meals. These meals have all the protein you need with lower carbs and lower calories per serving. 

Low Calorie/ weight loss

$11.99 per meal $11.99 11.99
    Pan fried chicken breast with salt and pepper Our chefs have prepared meals that are freshly cooked in...
    $19.99 per meal $19.99 19.99
      Premium WA steak, flame-grilled and seasoned with light & healthy mashed white potato Our chefs have prepared meals...
      $10.50 per meal $10.50 10.50
        Our signature chipotle sauce, made in-house, glazed over chicken breast with mixed bean white rice Our chefs have...
        Protein Pancakes (6 meals x 200g)
        $4.83 per meal $45.00 $29.00 29.00
          6 Pancake Meal Pack (200g each meal) These pancakes are made fresh with only the healthiest ingredients, including...
          $5.90 per meal $35.40 35.40
            This is a pack 6 pre-prepared (200g) Berry Protein Oats Meals presented in convenient easy to use cups....
            $11.99 per meal $11.99 11.99